Beavers be Dammed - Steam Early Access

Top Secret Operation: Morning Wood.

Operation: Morning Wood

Training recap

Training diagram with three steps: 1. move, 2. co-operation, 3. drop-off.

Operation: Morning Wood started a few weeks ago, training beaver in our Woodcamp training program! The training was simple:

  1. Move with two beavers to the main objective: the precious log.
  2. Use combined strength to pick heavy log up and maneuver it to the drop-off point.
  3. Secure the loggage at the drop-off point.

Mission: Beaverly Hills

A map of the mission Beaverly Hills showing the move, co-operation and drop-off steps.

The first mission of the operation, Mission: Beaverly Hills, will be executed tomorrow when the smell of morning wood starts. The mission will be of the realest of deals and harder than your training days in one of the Woodcamps!.

  1. Enter the sawmill through the fence and make your way to the goods.
  2. Pick the log up together and maneuver to the drop-off point with many courage.
  3. Secure the loggage at the drop-off point.
Beaver mobile leave after 2 minutes!

The evil lumperjack

An image of the lumperjack

The evil lumperjack is a stoopid hooman that keeps us from getting his wood. To build a majestic dam, we need his wood, but he keeps us out at all cost. Luckily, we are beaver and smart and have infiltrated his sawmill with beaver spy.


Beaver spy have collected the gnawledge that can help save many beaver lives. The spies gathered intel about sawmills and many of the dangers inside! The sawmills is full of weapons-of-dam-destruction. Our operation is in danger – the stoopid hooman keeps finding new ways to keep us away from his wood. We need skilled beavers willing to risk their fur for the dam.

Image of a pig sitting on a beaver. 1. Piggie!
Image of a beaver being cut in half by a sawblade. 2. Sawblade!
Image of a beaver being cooked by a flamethrower./> 3. Firethrower!
Image of a beaver in the water being surrounded by sharks. 4. Water + Sharkies?!
Image of a beaver being squashed by an enormous hammer. 5. Hammertime!
Image of a beaver being zapped by a laser. 6. Lazor!
And more!

Play with a friend!

Two player local co-op Image of two beavers playing a game on a couch using controllers. Join forces with a friend!